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I am passionate about helping people.  I offer strategies to help people change their thinking to embrace difficult situations, while building their resilience.

I help individuals and families deal with complexity in their lives, whether bereavement, trauma or any other issues they may be facing.   I help my clients adapt to change, as well as with challenging family dynamics.

I have spent time counselling at an Inclusive School where I worked with children presenting with learning difficulties and emotional challenges.  I counselled the children through day-to-day frustrations as well as traumas they were facing, to help them heal and to be the person they truly aspire to be.

Building confidence in children is something I believe in as it is often one of the reasons for learning barriers and achieving their goals. While building confidence, they realise how resilient they really are.




I offer counselling to children, adults and families. My counselling promotes the mental health of my clients, including containment and improvement of any current and past difficulties being faced by them.


I believe in seeing a person from an holistic point of view. When necessary, assessments is one of the tools I use when counselling a child, as assessments can steer the counselling process in the right direction.

Learning Support

Children often learn better when taught in a way which suits them. Learning Support offers children techniques on how to learn productively and positively while addressing any possible learning barriers.


I offer workshops to children, teachers and parents on topics such as teaching techniques, parenting skills, good use of technology as well as social skills.

Study Skills

I offer study skills to individuals and groups.  I help my clients improve their ability to study by understanding their unique learning styles.

Career Counselling

I offer career counselling to those still in school needing assistance with subject choice, as well as for people looking to start tertiary education.

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“I want to highly recommend Ariella for not only giving my son confidence in himself but confidence to know how to pick up a book and learn how to study – she has been incredible with my son, whose marks have improved so much since he’s been guided by Ariella. He looks forward to each lesson and gets so much out of it. So grateful for her help!!!”

Jodi, Mother of a Client

“I am a Remedial teacher and have worked with Ariella. I find Ariella very professional, well liked, easy to get on with and dedicated. The interaction I have had, has always been positive and very helpful. Ariella has an amazing gift with children. She connects, engages, advises the children. I have always received positive feedback from the children and their parents.”

Yael, Remedial Teacher


Registered Counsellor

HPCSA Registration Number: PRC 0032760
Practice Number: 0743054


Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Counselling (UNISA)
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (UNISA)
B Ed Hons in Educational Psychology (UJ)

Johannesburg, Gauteng


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