Learning Support

Many children struggle to learn for various reasons.  Often they just need to be taught in a way that they understand and not the way society dictates.  The need for learning support may often be due to a lack of self-confidence.  Learning support involves the everyday learning, working on homework and preparing for projects, assignments and class tests.

Other Services


To promote your positive mental health


A tool used as part of my holistic process, when necessary

Learning Support

Providing techniques to learn productively


To assist schools, teachers, parents and children

Study Skills

Individual or group study assistance

Career Counselling

Assisting with subject or career choice

Registered Counsellor

HPCSA Registration Number: PRC 0032760
Practice Number: 0743054


Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Counselling (UNISA)
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (UNISA)
B Ed Hons in Educational Psychology (UJ)

Johannesburg, Gauteng


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